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REVIEW: The Brand New Rolex Submariner 41mm No-Date ref. 124060

In this article, we will review what’s probably one of the most important new watches of 2020, the brand new Rolex Submariner 41-millimeter reference 124060. 

Rolex Submariner is undoubtedly among the most iconic and replicated watches of the industry, a watch that most people, not only watch enthusiasts know and recognize, a watch that has become a modern icon of design.

Born in 1953, the Rolex Submariner has become a reference for dive watches, and since its introduction, the whole concept behind it has remained very consistent. 

This year Rolex is launching multiple new models in the collection including numerous versions with dates and of course the no-date version.

With its classic black on black scheme and steel case, the new submariner 41 millimeter is more of an evolution than the revolution.

At first, it will be hard to spot the differences with the older version, but the devil is in the details, and indeed most elements have been updated, changed, or redesigned. 

Starting with the case, the diameter has evolved from 40 millimeters in the past to now 41 millimeters, but there is more as the proportions have changed. 

The lugs are now more tapered than before, slightly slimmer making the case more elegant

The crown guards have been reworked too. The lug width has moved from 20 millimeters in the previous version to now 21 millimeters.

Small updates for sure, but altogether it gives the watch a better balance and it doesn’t feature the super case anymore.

The water resistance is still rated at 300 meters, thanks to the triplock screw-down crown. Regarding the dial and bezel of the new Rolex Submariner 41 millimeter, no major evolution can be seen, as the dial is still black lacquered with white gold indexes and hands. 

Of course the Submariner is still a Sub and keeps all the iconic elements such as the Mercedes hands and the combination of rectangular, triangular, and round hour markers, all filled with Rolex’s own Chromalight luminescent material.

The unidirectional bezel retains its black Cerachrom insert with a 60-minute scale.

All numerals and markers are coated with platinum

The bezel operates as usual, super smoothly with 120 clicks.

To fit with the rest of the case of this new Sub, the oyster bracelet has also been proportioned, being one millimeter wider, including the clasp. It keeps its sturdy and practical oyster clasp with Gridlock extension system, allowing to fine adjust up to 20 millimeters. 

The major evolution to be found on the Sub 41 millimeter is mechanical, as it now features the latest generation of Rolex movement, the new caliber 3230, an automatic chronometer with hours minutes, and seconds. Equipped with the modern chronergy escapement it has a comfortable power reserve of 70 hours and anti-magnetic properties. The new Rolex submariner 41 millimeter will be priced at 7 700 swiss francs and will soon be available at retailers. 

If paying this amount for a timepiece is out of your budget, stay tuned, we are working on mastering the manufacture of this new model.

Review: Rolex GMT II 126710BLNR – Batman Jubilee 2019

This review is going to be on the overly anticipated but highly overrated Rolex GMT reference number 126710BLNR.

Baselworld 2019 obviously passed a long time ago and the watches were released. The Batman with the Jubilee bracelet was released, however, I think that maybe an introduction of the coca-cola might have been a better play.

It’s obviously a nice watch, I’m not gonna hate on it so if you’re out there dreaming about this watch – dream on! It is a beautiful watch, I just don’t know if it was expertly necessary from Rolex to come out with the Jubilee bracelet on the Batman, which was already nice with an Oyster band. Now it’s like, put everything on a Jubilee band and everything’s gonna be good.

One thing that concerns me about this watch, is the hype and the price. People are buying them, I don’t really see the market moving as much, but do I want to pay $25,000 for a Jubilee Batman? Absolutely not!

The watch gets released and it’s pretty much the same play as the Pepsi- double retail, you can’t get it, waiting lists and so on. The ADEs are playing us, or is Rolex playing the ADEs? I don’t know what’s going on nowadays, it’s hard to tell you, but I feel like Pepsi was more justifiable just because it’s a remake of a vintage piece. I don’t say I hate it, I’m not really sure if I like it for that price. At retail, I think it would make sense, $10,000 watch- no problem! $20,000 watch- I’ll buy a gold piece for that or a steel AP. I just don’t really see it that much as a collector or such a solid piece.

I’m going crazy over people calling me and asking to buy a Jubilee band for their Batman. Guys, Rolex is smarter than that, you think they would make something that you can interchange that easy? They don’t. You got to go above and beyond to make that happen. So I feel like the Pepsi was a good play last year, but I feel like the Batman is gonna put a dampener on it. We’re right now in the summer of 2019, and I still think that the Pepsi is going to overshadow the Batman in the Jubilee game, so as far as the actual bracelet is concerned I think they did a pretty good job.

I’m not sure I would have liked the hidden clasp because after all it is a sports model, and you want the safety clasp.

Overall Rolex did a great job, it feels very sturdy and the clasp, for me at least, is ideal. There’s an opinion that resonates with me, that the Jubilee bracelet Rolex watches goes best with vintage watches. You can order Rolex GMT II Batman or Rolex GMT II Pepsi on Jubilee bracelet in our store. Also please make sure you check our replica Rolex GMT II catalog to find other models. For special inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Honest comparison of Replica vs original Rolex Daytona

For anyone thinking that fake watches were the easy to spot domain, we will demonstrate that it’s harder to spot a fake than you might think.

In an age where rapid prototyping is something you can do as a hobby in your own home, it’s unsurprising that the replication of high-end watches has become more advanced. We’re way beyond glued on hands and a movement that will last until the first serious shake. The price you pay for a watch usually corresponds to just how much skilled human interaction has been involved in its production, with hand finishing being the bastion of the very best.

Pretty much every watch, however, starts life in the same way, in the milling machine. Cases, movements, bracelets, they all begin as blanks that get shaped by machine to a rough approximation of the finished product. Trouble is that rough approximation has become less and less rough as technology improves. Hand-finishing still applies to get the very finest of tradition and perfection, but as far as the factories that make the fakes are concerned it’s close enough. This means that clone watches are a one-to-one replica of the real thing, not close not near, it’s exact. To hold one replica Rolex in one hand with the genuine in the other is a disturbing experience. All it takes is a distraction and you might forget which is holding 10,000 dollars worth and which is holding 1000 dollars. Yes that’s right the best replica Rolex watches can cost a thousand of dollars with this specific Rolex Daytona 116500LN, because it uses real 904L steel for the case and bracelet, real ceramic for the bezel, has the same intricate locking mechanism in the clasp and it even has a replica caliber 4130 inside as well.

This is most concerning because the movement check was the last bastion of the collector in determining what was real and what was not. What it amounts to is a watch that could quite easily fall not just your average Joe on the street but also a seasoned enthusiast.

Let’s take a closer look.

Normally at this point, we would move in closer to assess the quality of a watch, now we’re doing it to determine what’s real and what’s not. You really do have to scrutinize every last detail in order to distinguish out the fake, so let’s try and do that.

An expert might distinguish the delicacy of the finishing. The mirror finish of the polished dial furniture lacks the luster of the genuine, slightly dulled by the Machine application over the finer hand polished gloss of the Rolex.

Edges are a bit coarser, losing the catch of light they should have when the watch is angled at a specific angle.

The print on the dial is as close as it gets, although under close inspection with a magnifier we can see that it is lacking the final detailing that needs to get the thin crisp lettering the genuine watch wears on its dial.

The coloring of the Daytona script might miss the mark by a shade, as does the dusting of gray paint in the ceramic bezel. The genuine watch glitters with the fine platinum dust is treated with, the fake glitter slightly less.

The precision of the fit looks perfect in the fake as well the bracelet end links not showing any significant gaps. Under closer inspection, with the magnifier glass of course, the intricate detailing between the knurls of the crown and pushers, don’t reach the same level of application found in the authentic Rolex.

There are tells, but only if you really know what you’re looking for, and it’s virtually impossible to spot the fake, without deep knowledge of Rolex and an authentic piece by your side to compare details under magnifier glass.

Let’s inspect the caliber.

Previously, a watch like this would have carried a replica ETA 7750 or a Chinese Seagull Chronograph or something like that, but not anymore. This isn’t a movement made to look like a 4130, it is a replica 4130, right down to the last detail.

There’s a balance bridge, a column wheel, the trademark purple reversing wheels, even the select use of gold screws have been matched. In some areas, the finish is not holding up to the original. The replica might lack the finesse of the straight and circular graining.

For easier set up the fake also has a regulated balance instead of the correct free sprung. But bear in mind, this comparison was all side by side. Imagine experiencing a watch like this in isolation. It’s come to a point where any ordinary person with ordinary equipment can no longer trust their eyes to determine the truth.

The bottom line is, the replica Rolex manufacturing came a long way, and it is here to stay and give you the opportunity to own a watch you desire, without breaking the bank, but it definitely is not here to be sold or promoted as an authentic Rolex. We encourage our clients to wear the watch of their dreams but discourage them to try to sell them as an authentic piece, this is one of the reasons the replica watches will never be exactly the same, even if they could.

This review was made by Watchfinder & Co. and the watch promoted is Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN. Find the replica Rolex Daytona that fits you in our catalog.

The Perfect Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 review

In this article we’re will review arguably the biggest release of the 2017 Rolex collection.
This watch was shown at Basel this year 2017, and this is the brand new Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 126600, not to be confused with Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 116600, now discontinued.

I think it’s probably the most interesting comparison here because this is really the next version of that. We do see some noticeable changes, from the old watch.
The old Sea-Dweller is 40 millimeters in diameter, the new is 43 millimeters, so we pick up three millimeters in diameter. We still have a helium escape valve on the side, which is a trademark of the Sea-Dweller.

For the first time ever, we have a Sea- Dweller with a cyclops window. So to introduce a Sea-Dweller with a cyclops, is to be honest with you quite controversial, as many things are in this watch world. And you know, the feedback has been, neither here, nor where, it’s been- some people, that love the watch and the functionality, like it, because, It is actually easier to see the date, and then the purists, of course, say a Sea-Dweller should never have a cyclops window.

Further, we have a Sea-Dweller line written in red text, that is an homage to the very very first Sea- Dwellers called the single red Sea- Dweller, which were really just prototype watches introduced in 1967.

What’s interesting, about this watch is, that it replaces the reference 116600, which was only around for two years. And while it seems very much the same, it’s actually a wholly different watch.

We have the caliber Reference 3235, based on another caliber designed for a Day-Date in 2015, so now we have instead of 48-hour power reserve, we have 70 hours. We have a nickel, phosphorous caliber, completely amagnetic, and we have a Chronergy escapement, which is a much more kind of fluid transfer of energy.

It is a big watch, there’s no question about it, but, it is a professional tool watch. On the bezel, of course, it’s ceramic, PVD coated in Platinum for durability. It features the Chromalight, which glows blue. Chromalight actually glows for about eight hours.

What’s interesting, about the Sea-Dweller, and now many of the Rolex watches, that they come with these amazing bracelet expansion tools, so you can expand the bracelet without any tools, and that is just one of the two ways to expand the bracelet. If you have a diving suit, for example, this clasp here will extend the bracelet by a full 7 millimeters, and you can put it on the outside of your dive suit.

This is a watch that will not fit as daily wear for most. If you’re a bigger guy, then it makes a lot more sense. It’s really designed for people, that want a true to a watch in the truest definition of the term.
The retail price is $11.350, which is approximately a thousand dollars more, than the last generation Sea-Dweller, which is $10400, so that the price increased there is time, of course, but, also I think, the upgraded movement which I think, is really a big part, of what makes Rolex so special, and the fact, that they can talk about these watches, and nobody even mentions the fact, that they have a whole new escapement.

They have tons and tons of patented technology. This caliber alone has 40 new patents on it, so again this is the Reference 126600 the brand new single red Sea-Dweller in stores, right now. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can always find you Rolex clone in our store.

The 3 sport Rolex watches at Baselworld 2019 that everyone is talking about

Rolex’s latest crop of 2019 releases has just dropped, and they have got watch fans buzzing in a way that only Rolex can. We rounded up three of the best, and we’re going to show you what makes them special, and why they’ve got people talking.

First of all, the Yacht-Master 42

This configuration of the Yacht-Master with its matte black Cerachrom bezel and the comfortable Oysterflex bracelet was first introduced in 2015, but there are a few things different this time around. First of all the size- we’ve seen 40 and 37 millimeters before but this plus size 42-millimeter case is big news and results in some serious presence on the wrist.

The other big change is, of course, the case. Here it is in white gold which gives it a much more monochrome stealthy look than previously. The movement is the latest caliber 3235. So what’s got people talking? Well, aside from the wishing that it was in steel, the size 42 millimeters is big by Rolex standards. See what replica Rolex Yacht-Master models are available in our catalog.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman” Ref. 126710 

Next, let’s look at the latest iteration of the GMT Master, also known as the Batman. There are a new movement and a slightly tweaked case to go with it, but the main feature here is the Jubilee bracelet.

The real buzz though, aside from the pros and cons over Jubilee versus Oyster, is the fact that not only is the previous Batman on Oyster discontinued but the fact that all GMT Masters with Monochrome bezels have been discontinued, so as of now the only options are the Pepsi the Batman or in precious / Rolesor models from root beer configuration. It’s a significant change to the lineup. Even though it’s discontinued, we still have all the variation in our catalog so you will be able to find your perfect Rolex GMT Master.

Lastly, let’s go for a dive with the new Sea-Dweller

For the first time this iconic professional diver is often in a Rolesor case, combining Oyster steel, yellow gold, and 3235 caliber along for the ride. the question though on a lot of people’s ellipse is, do precious metals have a place on the Sea-Dweller? Regardless of your take, there’s no denying it’s a strong look. Find yours in our fake Rolex Deepsea store.

So there you have it three professional watches that really sum up Rolex’s 2019 releases. What do you think?

Top 4 Rolex releases of 2017

In 2017 somehow, Rolex has managed to do both the expected and the unexpected by releasing four absolute barn burning watches in a mix, that is shocked, surprised, delighted, you name it. Let’s start with the most obvious the Sea Dweller.

It’s the 50th anniversary – we knew something would come, did we expect it in 43 millimeters? I don’t know, it’s a large size. Did we expect, the red text on the dial? did we expect, a Cyclops over the date? Probably. What we didn’t know, Is that it will be a 3035 movement inside. Everyone wants this in all of their watches from now on. Longer power reserve, Chronergy Escapement it has the works. Check our Replica Rolex Deepsea collection for similar models.

The Daytona, the last year’s broke Basel, this year it beautified it. It’s a gold Cosmograph Daytona with a Cerachrom black Bezel, that makes it looks more than it is, but most notably it has an Oysterflex bracelet.
It has a ribbon side to maintain it’s shaped, it has wings underneath the bracelet, to make it really comfortable which takes the Daytona to new places.

Next, we have the Rolex Sky-Dweller. This was the shock, this was the punch. This is a steel Sky-Dweller a model is only ever been seen in precious metals- now in steel with a blue and a gold dial, that is so much more subdued than we’ve ever seen in addition to that same color dial, we still have the white gold bezel, which just glints off everything, you will ever reflect, it beautiful.

And lastly the Datejust 41. That same white gold fluted bezel, that just manages to glint off every possible surface. In that larger size we’ve only ever seen in precious metals, but now also with 3035, and this is a movement that matters, so Rolex once again proving, that it’s never a revolution, it’s an evolution that every step is in the right direction. They’ve done it again, let’s just take the hat off.

Browse our Rolex Datejust exact clones collection to find the model that fits you.

The Rolex Datejust 116234 review

replica diamond watches

A Week On The Wrist: The Rolex Datejust

The watch we review today is really a true classic, it’s the Rolex Datejust. It’s 36 millimeters and it remained largely unchanged for 60 years.

The Datejust was first introduced in 1945 with the reference 4467. This was the first automatically winding watch with an automatically changing date function on the dial.

In 2009 Rolex introduced the Datejust II – a new take on the Datejust with a new movement and a larger 41-millimeter case size, but the watch we review is the modern incarnation of the original. The case is a little wider and has a little bit of a sporty-er feel but overall it wears very similarly on the wrist.

The dial here is extremely traditional, you have the batons for the hours filled with luminous material, you have the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust signature at 12 o’clock, the superlative chronometer officially certified signature at 6 o’clock, and the even sunburst champagne color across the dial. This dial, although simple takes over 60 operations to create and each of the indexes as well as the crown at 12 o’clock are hand applied to the dial. Our Rolex Datejust clones feature the exact same markings and tweaks. Not many people realize that there still is a lot of handwork put into a modern Rolex, it’s not a completely automated process by any means.

On the wrist, the 36 millimeter Datejust wears extremely well. 36 millimeters may sound small to a lot of people and by modern standards, it certainly is on the small side, but to anybody who likes vintage watches and who’s worn a vintage watch, this may actually feel large for 36 millimeters. The case has sort of wide set lugs and it’s not thick but it’s not particularly thin either, it feels really balanced and especially paired with the Oyster bracelet it feels sporty-er than you might think.

Not only are you getting the history of the Datejust with this watch but you’re also getting all of Rolexes history. You’re getting the first waterproof case, you’re getting the first movement with an automatically changing date, you’re really getting a lot of history in a relatively simple looking watch and like all Rolex watches this is a chronometer, so you’re getting a cost certified in house movement in an extremely robust watch great for everyday use that you can wear in nearly any circumstance and which will undoubtedly outlast you.

You can find this replica Rolex Datejust 116234 in our collection!