The Perfect Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 review

In this article we’re will review arguably the biggest release of the 2017 Rolex collection.
This watch was shown at Basel this year 2017, and this is the brand new Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 126600, not to be confused with Rolex Sea-Dweller Reference 116600, now discontinued.

I think it’s probably the most interesting comparison here because this is really the next version of that. We do see some noticeable changes, from the old watch.
The old Sea-Dweller is 40 millimeters in diameter, the new is 43 millimeters, so we pick up three millimeters in diameter. We still have a helium escape valve on the side, which is a trademark of the Sea-Dweller.

For the first time ever, we have a Sea- Dweller with a cyclops window. So to introduce a Sea-Dweller with a cyclops, is to be honest with you quite controversial, as many things are in this watch world. And you know, the feedback has been, neither here, nor where, it’s been- some people, that love the watch and the functionality, like it, because, It is actually easier to see the date, and then the purists, of course, say a Sea-Dweller should never have a cyclops window.

Further, we have a Sea-Dweller line written in red text, that is an homage to the very very first Sea- Dwellers called the single red Sea- Dweller, which were really just prototype watches introduced in 1967.

What’s interesting, about this watch is, that it replaces the reference 116600, which was only around for two years. And while it seems very much the same, it’s actually a wholly different watch.

We have the caliber Reference 3235, based on another caliber designed for a Day-Date in 2015, so now we have instead of 48-hour power reserve, we have 70 hours. We have a nickel, phosphorous caliber, completely amagnetic, and we have a Chronergy escapement, which is a much more kind of fluid transfer of energy.

It is a big watch, there’s no question about it, but, it is a professional tool watch. On the bezel, of course, it’s ceramic, PVD coated in Platinum for durability. It features the Chromalight, which glows blue. Chromalight actually glows for about eight hours.

What’s interesting, about the Sea-Dweller, and now many of the Rolex watches, that they come with these amazing bracelet expansion tools, so you can expand the bracelet without any tools, and that is just one of the two ways to expand the bracelet. If you have a diving suit, for example, this clasp here will extend the bracelet by a full 7 millimeters, and you can put it on the outside of your dive suit.

This is a watch that will not fit as daily wear for most. If you’re a bigger guy, then it makes a lot more sense. It’s really designed for people, that want a true to a watch in the truest definition of the term.
The retail price is $11.350, which is approximately a thousand dollars more, than the last generation Sea-Dweller, which is $10400, so that the price increased there is time, of course, but, also I think, the upgraded movement which I think, is really a big part, of what makes Rolex so special, and the fact, that they can talk about these watches, and nobody even mentions the fact, that they have a whole new escapement.

They have tons and tons of patented technology. This caliber alone has 40 new patents on it, so again this is the Reference 126600 the brand new single red Sea-Dweller in stores, right now. If you don’t want to break the bank, you can always find you Rolex clone in our store.

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