Top 4 Rolex releases of 2017

In 2017 somehow, Rolex has managed to do both the expected and the unexpected by releasing four absolute barn burning watches in a mix, that is shocked, surprised, delighted, you name it. Let’s start with the most obvious the Sea Dweller.

It’s the 50th anniversary – we knew something would come, did we expect it in 43 millimeters? I don’t know, it’s a large size. Did we expect, the red text on the dial? did we expect, a Cyclops over the date? Probably. What we didn’t know, Is that it will be a 3035 movement inside. Everyone wants this in all of their watches from now on. Longer power reserve, Chronergy Escapement it has the works. Check our Replica Rolex Deepsea collection for similar models.

The Daytona, the last year’s broke Basel, this year it beautified it. It’s a gold Cosmograph Daytona with a Cerachrom black Bezel, that makes it looks more than it is, but most notably it has an Oysterflex bracelet.
It has a ribbon side to maintain it’s shaped, it has wings underneath the bracelet, to make it really comfortable which takes the Daytona to new places.

Next, we have the Rolex Sky-Dweller. This was the shock, this was the punch. This is a steel Sky-Dweller a model is only ever been seen in precious metals- now in steel with a blue and a gold dial, that is so much more subdued than we’ve ever seen in addition to that same color dial, we still have the white gold bezel, which just glints off everything, you will ever reflect, it beautiful.

And lastly the Datejust 41. That same white gold fluted bezel, that just manages to glint off every possible surface. In that larger size we’ve only ever seen in precious metals, but now also with 3035, and this is a movement that matters, so Rolex once again proving, that it’s never a revolution, it’s an evolution that every step is in the right direction. They’ve done it again, let’s just take the hat off.

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