Review: Rolex GMT II 126710BLNR – Batman Jubilee 2019

This review is going to be on the overly anticipated but highly overrated Rolex GMT reference number 126710BLNR.

Baselworld 2019 obviously passed a long time ago and the watches were released. The Batman with the Jubilee bracelet was released, however, I think that maybe an introduction of the coca-cola might have been a better play.

It’s obviously a nice watch, I’m not gonna hate on it so if you’re out there dreaming about this watch – dream on! It is a beautiful watch, I just don’t know if it was expertly necessary from Rolex to come out with the Jubilee bracelet on the Batman, which was already nice with an Oyster band. Now it’s like, put everything on a Jubilee band and everything’s gonna be good.

One thing that concerns me about this watch, is the hype and the price. People are buying them, I don’t really see the market moving as much, but do I want to pay $25,000 for a Jubilee Batman? Absolutely not!

The watch gets released and it’s pretty much the same play as the Pepsi- double retail, you can’t get it, waiting lists and so on. The ADEs are playing us, or is Rolex playing the ADEs? I don’t know what’s going on nowadays, it’s hard to tell you, but I feel like Pepsi was more justifiable just because it’s a remake of a vintage piece. I don’t say I hate it, I’m not really sure if I like it for that price. At retail, I think it would make sense, $10,000 watch- no problem! $20,000 watch- I’ll buy a gold piece for that or a steel AP. I just don’t really see it that much as a collector or such a solid piece.

I’m going crazy over people calling me and asking to buy a Jubilee band for their Batman. Guys, Rolex is smarter than that, you think they would make something that you can interchange that easy? They don’t. You got to go above and beyond to make that happen. So I feel like the Pepsi was a good play last year, but I feel like the Batman is gonna put a dampener on it. We’re right now in the summer of 2019, and I still think that the Pepsi is going to overshadow the Batman in the Jubilee game, so as far as the actual bracelet is concerned I think they did a pretty good job.

I’m not sure I would have liked the hidden clasp because after all it is a sports model, and you want the safety clasp.

Overall Rolex did a great job, it feels very sturdy and the clasp, for me at least, is ideal. There’s an opinion that resonates with me, that the Jubilee bracelet Rolex watches goes best with vintage watches. You can order Rolex GMT II Batman or Rolex GMT II Pepsi on Jubilee bracelet in our store. Also please make sure you check our¬†replica Rolex GMT II¬†catalog to find other models. For special inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.