The Unbiased Guide to Buying a Super Clone Rolex Online

Every time you come in front of a gorgeous glass display with the glistening Rolex brand, you want to wear a Rolex on your wrist. Am I right?

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash to have the watch of your dreams. What you’re looking for instead is a replica watch. Yes, it allows you to get the luxuries you want while staying within your budget.

Fake Vs Real Rolex 

Rolex Weight & Materials

Rolex Weight & Materials As a general rule of thumb, a genuine Rolex will always weigh more than a fake. Because of this, a simple trick for spotting a fake Rolex watch is to feel the weight of the timepiece. 

Stainless steel 904L, gold 18k, and platinum 950 are just a few of the materials used in more recent Rolex watches. Prior to switching to 904L steel, Rolex used 9k gold, 14k gold, gold shell, and 316L stainless steel to make several antique Rolex watches. 

However, the majority of copycat Rolexes are manufactured from lower-quality materials, which means they are lighter, less durable, and in a worse state of repair than real Rolex watches.

Another factor to consider is the kind of material used in the construction of the particular Rolex. Rolex watches such as the Explorer II, and Milgauss, which are all constructed of stainless steel alone, are examples. 

The versions constructed of other metals such as gold, platinum, or even a two-tone mixture of these metals are obviously replica Rolex. Also, Rolex Day-Date watches are only created from precious metals like 18k gold or platinum, so any watch in the collection that isn’t made from these metals is a fake. 

Rolex’s new rubber Oysterflex band is only compatible with yellow, white, or rose-gold models of the watch. The Oysterflex bracelet will not fit on a platinum, steel, or two-tone Rolex since it is not an original part of the watch.

Rolex Bezel

Different designs, colors, and materials are available for Rolex bezels. Rolex bezels come in a variety of styles, including smooth, fluted, revolving, and marked or unmarked. 

In order to verify the authenticity of a Rolex timepiece, it is helpful to have a rudimentary understanding of how the bezels work. Rolex fluted bezels, for example, are composed of 18k gold. 

The GMT-Master and GMT-Master II watch lines have a distinctive two-tone bezel that comes in a variety of color schemes. Two-tone bezels on any Rolex watch will feature a horizontal line running across the numbers 6 and 18 on the bezel markers that separate the two colors. 

Unless there is a firm line between the two colors, or the colors blend into one another or divide anywhere else on the bezel, save at the numbers 6 and 18, it is a fake Rolex.

Consider your Budget When Buying Fake Rolex

How much is a Rolex? The real one might cost you thousands of dollars. However, the replica super clone Rolex can range from $50-$500+.

The $50 Fake Rolex Watch

Because of their low price of a Rolex counterfit, $50 fake Rolex timepieces are of poor quality and include several inconsistencies that reveal their manufactured origin. The actual Rolex Day-Date President watch, for example, is only produced using materials such as solid precious metals (gold or platinum). There’s no such thing as a gold-plated president in existence.

Furthermore, quartz movements are very universally used in low-cost imitation Rolex timepieces. There are certain quartz-powered Rolex watches, such as the Oysterquartz, Rolex 5100, and several Cellini models, but if you see a dial with the word “Perpetual” on it (such as a Day-Date, Submariner, Datejust, Explorer, GMT-Master, and others), it’s a fake. 

Not all Rolex watches are automatic, though. Rolex’s self-winding and true automatic movement is referred to as “Perpetual.” The seconds hand of a Rolex watch should move smoothly across the dial instead of jerkily ticking from one place to the next.

The $200 Replica Rolex Watch

Automatic movements are more common in the more expensive imitation Rolex watches, making them more desirable than the less expensive ones. There are plenty of positive sides when you buy $200 Rolex replica if you have a closer look. 

For example, the lume-filled area is as clear as the original, yet the Cyclops lens magnifies less than it should.

You can typically tell whether a Rolex replica is a worthy just by looking at the movement. The automatic movements included in $200 Rolex replica watches are sometimes polished, or engraved to the same high standards as those found in genuine Rolex movements. 

Examine the gems, the engravings, and the materials used to see how well they were done. Since you won’t be able to observe the movement of a mid-priced imitation Rolex watch up close, its more convenient to buy super clone Rolex in our store.

The $500+ Super Clone Rolex Watch

So-called “super clone,” are super accurate replicas of Rolex timepieces. They may cost as much as $500. 

On some versions, they feature ceramic bezels, automatic movements, and dials with magnification lenses that are almost identical to those on real Rolex models.

It also takes great effort to ensure that the bracelet and clasp are as accurate as possible, complete with extension mechanisms, in order to produce the super fakes. Aside from the color of the hairsprings, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a real and an imitation movement.

Expertise is required to discern the difference between a fake Rolex and a real one. When two watches are put side by side, it’s easier to see the little variances, such as subtle color shifts, varying metal finishes, and different feature positions. 

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